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Anti-Spam Software

Emjysoft Anti Spam can detect and destroy the majority of spam (advertising message) that flood your mailbox. To obtain this result as the software is based on several techniques: content analysis of mail through a heuristic engine high-level management of a black list of addresses (sender refused) and a whitelist (sender permitted ) and finally, analysis by definition spam with automatic updates ...

Download logiciel antispam Anti spam software Buy antispam
version 2010 | free Trial 30 days | price : 19 € ttc
Anti Spam software

bank account software

bank account

bank account management

Manage easily and safely your personal bank accounts It is complete software for bank account management and personal assistant. His user friendly-interface makes it a simple, powerful, fast and safe tool. The input of transactions is made quickly and safely (automatic back up).The software can manage an unlimited number of users and accounts. So each user can own his personal accounts. Manage one’s accounts has never been so easy!

Download comptabilité Comptabilité Buy compta
version 2009 v6.2 | free Trial | price : 24 € ttc

Photo identification

Software Photo Identification

Make your own passport photos!

Print duplicate directly from your home your passport photos very quickly and easily, all in two mouse clicks! Boards made up to 30 photos per page with a professional quality print output or JPG (print terminals ...). The format of photos identities are produced to standards. It is possible to use multiple output formats (identity or en-us or American visa format 100% free).

Photo-identification Photo identification buy
version 2009 v3.6 | free Trial | price : 24 € ttc
print Photo identification

check software

Print a check

Print a check

My checks allows you to complete and print your checks on your printer. Simply enter the amount in figure (the sum letter is filled in automatically), order, place, date and print!

  • Sum letter filled in automatically
  • Preset for more than 17 banks.
  • Customizable
  • Etc...

It has never been so easy and quick to make a check.

Download Logiciel Anti spam Buy
version 2.5 | free Trial | price : 19 € ttc

PC lent. Nettoyage

Nettoyage PC. Accélerer PC

PC Cleaning

Your PC is slow?

Easy Clean is a cleaning software for Windows. It destroyed all unnecessary files: temporary files, the Internet Explorer cache, cookies, unnecessary software launched at startup, etc ...).

  • Accelerates Windows startup.
  • Improves responsiveness of the computer.
Download nettoyage pc Pc lent Buy nettoyer pc
version 2007 v3.00 | free Trial 7 days | price : 19 € ttc

share a scanner software

share a scanner

Sharing a scanner

Sharing Scan can share a scanner with all the PCs on your network. Share a scanner as simple as a printer.

Download share a scanner share a scanner Buy
version 2.61 | free Trial | price : from 26 € ttc

Parental Control

Parental protection software

Parental protection software Parental Control enables to deny access to pornography sites, Warez, online payment or by phones and all the shocking contents. The software displays a customizable message and can take lot of actions when a forbidden websites is detected.

  • Display a customizable message
  • Take a screen capture
  • Send an alert by E-mail to parents/administrator
  • Close the connexion and shutdown the computer
Download Parental Control Parental Control Buy
version 2007 | free Trial 30 days | price : 19 € ttc
Parental Control software

déconnexion adsl. Orange free neuf

reconnexion automatique internet

Remove unintended disconnections

WebAntidéco is a software to optimize its Internet connection and automatically reconnect to the Internet when disconnected abnormally.

Download déconnexion intenpestive deconnexions intempestives Internet Buy
version 7.61 | free Trial | price : 24 € ttc

Sudoku gratuit

Play Sudoku!

Sudoku lets you learn the rules of Sudoku, the game to adapt to the user level and play indefinitely through random generator grid. If you like challenges, you can limit your time Thursday.

Download sudoku Sudoku gratuit
version 2.00 | Free software !
Grille Sudoku

Remboursement sécurité sociale

Social security reimbursement

Social Security refund.

Emjysoft monitoring of care and reimbursement of Health is a software for monitoring of reimbursements for Social Security and your mutual.

  • nstant display of reimbursement.
  • Seeking reimbursement of social security and mutual.
  • Archive your orders, test results ...
  • Statistics on health care expenditures and changes in reimbursements.
  • Etc ...
Download esanté Remboursement sécurité sociale Remboursement soins
version 1.5 | free Trial | price : 19 € ttc
Error Social security reimbursement

Gestion immobilière

SCI Management

Property Management is a software management of SCI. Property Management can manage all of your locations (call rents, receipts, unpaid rent, insurance...). It comes with many tools (calculation of a mortgage, notary fees, mortgage, investments, benchmarks ...).

Download gestion immobilière Logiciel Gestion immobilière et SCI Buy gestion sci
version 2009 v5.3 | free Trial 90 days | price : 139 € ttc
Gestion SCI

Programme TV sur PC et gratuit !

Programme TV

French TV channels

Never miss your favorite programs! From a single click you know exactly what TV program and it instantly without research!

Download le programme TV Programme TV
Free software !

Gestion des contacts

Electronic Directory

Electronic directory of your contacts (name, address, phone ...) with reverse search functions ... (Find a name, an address from a part of a phone number, an email ...)...

Download Répertoire électronique Répertoire électronique Buy
version 2.1| free Trial | price : 7 € ttc
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