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DVD Remboursement sécurité sociale

Social security reimbursement

Social security reimbursement

Social Security refund.

Emjysoft monitoring of care and reimbursement of Health is a software for monitoring of reimbursements for Social Security and your mutual.

  • nstant display of reimbursement.
  • Seeking reimbursement of social security and mutual.
  • Archive your orders, test results ...
  • Statistics on health care expenditures and changes in reimbursements.
  • Etc ...
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version 1.5 | free Trial | price : 19 € ttc


Social security reimbursement capture 1

It saves you time.

Strict management of your payments is very time consuming. But when you use our software you can spend less time to monitor these payments.You find all information quickly through the search function and ratings of care according to their statements for reimbursement.

Sociale Follow the repayment of Social Security

Follow point refunds and Social Security. Highlight any omissions or errors.

Follow the repayment of your mutual

Follow reimbursements and point of care delivered by your mutual.


View the rest at your expense. Compare the cost of your mutual with your repayments.

Duplicate orders

You forgot your order? Our software allows you to scan and store all your prescriptions and other medical documents.

Medical Directory

The software allows you to create your own directory medical.

Download Remboursement santé Buy
version 1.5 | free Trial | price : 19 € ttc
Refund pending Social Security and / or mutual.
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Search for a refund.
Social security reimbursement capture 3

Social security reimbursement capture 4

Archiving orders ... Scan orders ...


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