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DVD Photo identity


Photo ID

Make your own photo identity !

Getting passport photos seems difficult?

With Photo Emysoft identity, creating a layer of photo identification is done in two clicks of the mouse.

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version 2009 v3.6 | free Trial | price : 24 € ttc



The strong points:

  • Easy of use.
  • Cropping assisted free to keep the proportions of your good photos.
  • Combination possible with several different photo ID in order to save paper.
  • IPrinting on your choice printer on a terminal or Internet.
  • Photo identification to the proper size.
  • The number of printed photo is unlimited!

You can print your photo ID:

  • On your home printer (up to 30 different ID photos per page).
  • On an image to print on the terminals or printed by professional printing services. This is very useful if your printer is not powerful enough.
  • The software Emjysoft Photo ID allows direct access to digital cameras, scanners, webcams to ... any material compatible with the standard Twain.

Photo ID capture 1

Photo ID at home!

Now you see it is not mandatory to use a photographer or a Photomaton for his photos.

It is quite possible to make its boardwalk photos identities themselves, for the identity card, driving license, passport, an entry to an exam at school, at a sports club ...

For official documents, you must comply with official standards acceptance criteria. The background must be clear and united (except white), facial expression must be neutral (no smile), no hats or jewelry. The head must be straight and not on the side

Quick-Guide software photo ID

The shooting of a photo identification.

A digital camera will suffice. As background, use a light background. The photo must be clean, mixed, and have no shadow, therefore avoid using the flash. The software allows you to crop the photo in the right sizes.

Image processing to create your photo.

If you have not already done so, download and install the ID software.

Open Emjysoft Photo ID and click the button "a photo on your hard disk or on the button" a camera, scanner .... When you open the photograph in question, we must keep the left mouse button must be pressed and then move the mouse (without releasing the button) to form a red frame.

Release the left button and the picture is cropped. Repeat this step until you get the right result.

Click OK to confirm. The software offers you to save this photograph. Click Yes to keep it in the gallery.

A new window opens. You can choose the location of this photo on the board. You can create multiple ID photos on the same sheet to save your photo paper.

Print a photograph.

Emjysoft Photo ID offers two printing methods.

  • Direct printing on your printer. Use this method for first unofficial photographs.


  • Printing on a terminal or via the Internet (Exit button image). Use this second method to create a board of 6 photo. Copy that image on a USB key or CD and then print in a terminal. The cost is usually 0.05 $.
Download Buy
version 2009 v3.6 | free Trial | price : 24 € ttc


Photo ID capture 2

Example crop of photo ID

Photo ID capture 3

Sample plate



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