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Managing SCI

Managing SCI

You wonder how easily manage a SCI?

Property Management is a software management of SCI.

Property Management can manage your property quickly and easily. Property management software is a powerful, friendly, easy to handle and cheap

  • The number of owners is managed unlimited (or SCI).
  • The number of locations operated is unlimited.
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version 2009 v5.3 | free Trial 30 days | price : 139 € ttc



Property Management can manage in a few clicks (not exhaustive):

  • Calls rents.
  • Tracking rents (paid, partially paid, paid ...).
  • Leases.
  • Statements of points of entry and exit.
  • Opinions maturity rents.
  • Rent receipts and receipts summaries.
  • The annual rent reviews.
  • Insurance houses.
  • The certificate of boiler maintenance.
  • Raises the tenants for unpaid rent.
  • Raises the guarantors for the unpaid rent.
  • The recall, made the charges.
  • Track your accounts.
  • Help with 2044 tax statements, 2072.
  • Address Book tenants and building professionals.
  • Customizing reports and forms.
  • Indices...

SCI Management can manage all of your locations (unpaid rent, insurance...).
Try for free and without obligation, the property management software into a full version for 3 months.

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