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Wondering how to remove advertising messages?

AntiSpam software stops spam even before you do receive in your inbox Emjysoft Anti-Spam to detect and destroy spam (junk mail). Emjysoft Anti Spam can detect and destroy the majority of spam (advertising message) that flood your mailbox. To obtain this result as the software is based on several techniques: content analysis of mail through a heuristic engine high-level management of a black list of addresses (sender refused) and a white list (sender permitted) and finally, analysis by definition spam with automatic updates.

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version 2010 | free Trial 30 days | price : 19 € ttc

To obtain this result as the Anti-Spam software is based on several analytical techniques:

  • A content analysis engine with a high-level heuristic.
  • Management of a black list of addresses (sender refused) and a whitelist (sender permitted).
  • Analysis by definition Spams with regularly updated ...

Some functions of the software :

  • Works with all email clients and ISPs.
  • Protection against fraudulent emails.
  • 1 analysis system authorized sender or not.
  • 1 set of rules customized.
  • Filtering by country.
  • Elimination of viruses, scripts and dangerous.
  • Backup emails deleted by anti-spam.
  • Cleaning directly on the mail server.
  • The number of users is unlimited.
  • The number of email addresses to protect is unlimited.
  • Regular updating of databases and software.
  • Notification when a spam is detected by the anti-spam software.

With this solution, you will not receive unsolicited messages. Finished downloading useless spam, the risk of contamination by viruses, sorting good and bad emails, the illegal or offensive.

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Visualization spam deleted Blocking email by country
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Emjysoft Anti-spam Custom rules to supplement the foundation for anti spam

What is spam ?

This is the most common form of spam that involves sending a message by mass. The authors of this type of spam often use PC fraudulently pirated machines, because it requires a large bandwidth and a certain power for the automatic generation of email addresses.

What is the content of spam ?

Spam usually contain advertising. The most touted are services for adults, medication, weight loss, online casinos, counterfeit watches, fake software ...

How to protect Emjysoft Anti spam ?

Once set up, our anti-spam software will analyze your e-mail accounts on the lookout for spam. The software will put them aside and warn you so discreet. Your mailbox will contain messages that legitimate course at all times you can see the spam deleted.

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version 2010 | free Trial 30 days | price : 19 € ttc


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